What pre-Law course is best to take?

By now those students who will go to college must have already decided what course to take. I’ve been asking my students about their plans. As with the many Pinoys who answer a question with another question, a few of them ask me back so that the interviewer became the interviewee now. “What’s a good … Continue reading

Via Dolorosa, Davaoeño Style

The Via Dolorosa or Stations of the Cross—the way of the suffering—recalled the fourteen events before Jesus Christ was crucified. Catholics all over the world continue until today to commemorate it. They follow the way Jesus took, if not in the actual road, at least in their own enclaves. No country celebrates the Holy Week, … Continue reading

Agco Kami, Kamo?

Holy Week has come to mean different things to different people. For the Catholics, it is the holiest of the Liturgical calendar which entails fasting, praying, or abstaining. It means doing things in moderation. For others, however, it means quite the opposite. It means a trip to the beach or a trek to the mountains. … Continue reading

Long Live Justice Cruz

Former Supreme Court Justice Isagani Cruz is my idol. Cruz is most notable for his well-written ponencia (Supreme Court judicial opinions), which never fail to amuse me, and his defense of individual liberty, which never fail to inspire me. Sadly, Justice Cruz is gone. Long live Justice Cruz.

Baguio is so Common We are Going There

We’ll be leaving for Baguio on April for a week-long vacation. Next to Boracay, Baguio is perhaps the most cliché vacation place. But we don’t mind. We’ll go there anyway. For what? The cold weather? But BuDa (Bukidnon-Davao) also has cold weather. Strawberries? But we can buy them from the groceries. Picture taking with an Igorot … Continue reading