What pre-Law course is best to take?

By now those students who will go to college must have already decided what course to take. I’ve been asking my students about their plans. As with the many Pinoys who answer a question with another question, a few of them ask me back so that the interviewer became the interviewee now.

“What’s a good pre-Law course to take, Sir?”

Well, that question could be answered on two different levels.

First, law schools don’t prescribe a particular pre-Law course. Whatever course will do, provided your pre-Law course complied with the required number of units in Math, English, and Social Science. But that depends on the university. For example, in the University of Mindanao College of Law, the requirements are: 6 units in Math, 12 units in English, and 9 units in Social Science (History, Psychology, or Sociology).

Second, if by a good pre-Law course means that what course will better prepare your for law school, the answer is there is none.

True some may say it should be AB English or Communication Arts since in law school what matters is not what answers you give, but how to give what you give. Other may say it should be Philosophy, for it trains you to be a critical thinker.

I think it depends on what kind of lawyer you want to be. I have Law professors whose pre-Law courses were varied. My teacher in Constitutional Law 2 took up an Engineering course. My Statutory Construction teacher used to be a MedTech before he took up law. My Persons and Family Relations teacher is a CPA and an MBA holder, then she proceeded to Law.

The field of law is vast. What matters is you have to think first what kind of lawyer you want to be. Then you can fairly determine what pre-Law course to take.

Thus, if you want to be a Commercial Lawyer, a background in Business Administration, Accounting, or Management might come in handy. If you want to enter the government service, a Political Science or a Public Administration course might be useful. Those who relish a courtroom drama and all that verbal brawl might take up AB English or Philosophy.


5 thoughts on “What pre-Law course is best to take?

  1. Pre-law course is not really that important in pursuing law. You should try to evaluate first of what certain course do matches your interest and academic performance not on what others suggested nor what you feel best suited to that field of study. It is your performance in such a program of study, much more than the specific courses you want to take to, which will determine your attractiveness in proceeding to law school. What matters most is that you should be a good analytical, logical and critical thinker, a good public speaker and a good debater. But as what I’ve observed, and for me, “Accountancy” for practical reasons because you do not need to look for firms after getting the title of becoming a CPA, the firms will find you. 🙂

    • Hmmmm… That’s the commonly held belief that Accountancy is the best pre-Law course. Perhaps that’s because the Accounting Program includes law subjects like ObliCon, Nego, Credit Trans, etc. But based on the observations of my classmates who are CPAs themselves, the title CPA helped them a little in their study of law. hehehehe

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