Cramming Tourists Part 1: Baguio City Tour in 4 Hours

Tourist spots in Baguio—Baguio Cathedral, Burnham Park, etc—are easy to locate. But with its mesh-like roads, we felt like experimental mice in a maze looking for their cheese. We still wanted the cheese, but soon wanted to get rid of the maze.

SAM_2462We tried yesterday to visit as much tourist spots as we could by only walking or riding on jeepneys. That proved challenging if you are with your 50-year old mother who couldn’t endure long hours of walking. Aside from that, my spatial intelligence had a terrible history of failing me. So we expected to fail in our self-imposed challenge. Fail we really did, but we had our initial success.

After breakfast at Chowking, we headed to Baguio Cathedral. From there we passed by the ukay-ukay in   T. Claudio St., and then went to Burnham Park.

SAM_2491SAM_2499We rented a boat there and rowed in the lagoon. It took us a few minutes before we got the hang of it. It appeared so easy to paddle, but if done improperly, the boat would just keep on turning around without moving forward.

We got excited for our next stop: Strawberry Farm. We asked from the taho vendor the whereabouts of the jeepney terminal for La Trinidad. The man gave us directions we barely remembered. So when we spotted a sweet-corn vendor, we asked the same questions. He gave us the same directions.

Meanwhile, we got tired and impatient. That’s when we decided to get a taxi. Thankfully, taxi drivers in Baguio are faithful to their meter and LTFRB-prescribed rate. The driver didn’t haggle nor present an alternative tariff rate.


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