Where to Stay in Baguio? Upstairs Marked-Down Price

SAM_2318While on a trip, I’ve realized, it’s better to stay in a low-budget place than in an expensive hotel for two reasons.

One, the principal goal of travelling is to see the place around. That is only possible if one were to travel on foot, ride on the popular mode of transportation, and see the place as the locals experience it on a daily basis.

Two, it saves one a lot of money, money which could be used for buying pasalubong.

Armed with this different outlook, I looked for such kind of place for our trip to Baguio, and found one. It’s called Upstairs Bed & Bath. Unlike commercial websites which advertise every hotel as perfect for every tourist, the blogosphere provides an honest appraisal of a place, and bloggers wouldn’t scruple to call it ugly if it really is ugly. See, for instance, this blogger’s review.

Upstairs Bed & Bath is very near SM City Baguio. But who cares about SM—it’s everywhere. The nice thing about Upstairs is it’s cheap yet clean. New linens and towel are provided for every guest.

But the CR and shower are shared with other guests. And it can sometimes be noisy, especially if there are children in the next room, or cavemen acting like tourists or tourists acting like cavemen.


Upstairs Bed & Bath

Address: GSP Building (Near B.I.R.), Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City, Philippines

Contact number: 074-446-GO-UP (8687); 0933 440 1744 (Sun)

Bookings can be made through its Facebook account: www.facebook.com/Upstairs.Bed.and.Bath


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