About Me

I’m Arvin Antonio V. Ortiz, a graduate of BSED-Social Studies from Holy Cross of Davao College. My friends in high school used to call me “Bentot.” My friends in college call me “Tonying,” “Tonz,” “Onyot.” At home, my mother calls me “Koy”—short for Kuya. Either you call me Bentot, or Tonying, or Tonz, or Onyot, or Koy, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is that you call me by the name I recognize.

I AM: a teacher, a trying-hard writer, an aspiring lawyer, a budding badminton player, unsure what will I become tomorrow, expected to be one of the family’s breadwinners, trying to be obsessed with books, careless if people think I’m mad…

(Special thanks to Sam Balino, the ever-reliable Sam, for the header.)


26 thoughts on “About Me

  1. wow! you’re from davao too! i’m really happy to see someone from davao here in cyberspace. wala lang. masaya! kudos sa nomination! best of luck! Bless you! 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment.I don’t have a posh design. Words are all I’ve got, so I try to be good at using them.

  2. I like the way you write! I don’t really read blogs but you’re “How I almost became a billarista” blog really caught my attention. I am also blessed with the skills in playing billiards but just like you, I had no choice but to focus on my study first. Thank you for a good read!

    • It’s good to hear from you, Zenon, that someone like you now read blogs just because of a single blog post. I hope you haven’t lost your chops in billiards despite giving more priority to your studies.

    • no…but you can be my successor. that is, if you want to have a life full of…guess what…boring moments…hehehe

  3. You’re not a “trying-hard writer” as what you brand yourself. You are genuinely gifted with the talent of writing. Everyone has the ability to write, but not all has the GIFT to write powerfully. Keep your passion for it burning and don’t let the crabs pull you down. “Pen is mightier than a sword.” Keep writing. 🙂 _r”,)

  4. Hello!

    How’s law school? How did you find your qualifying exam for Law? Did you take LSQT by CEM?

    Appreciate your reply. Thanks.

  5. Wow! Congrats gang you did a good job… I like the way you speak about DAVAO … You give a very concrete example of what Davao is… Like like like… 🙂 A place where everyone can enjoy life.

    • Thanks gang. ikaw na jud gang. maski taga Digos ganahan giyapon diri sa Davao…sa imo pa gikaingon there’s something in Davao that keeps you from leaving, mga keks, work, and malls. in short, it’s as if you’re under Davao’s spell.

  6. Really nice blog, And I love the way you used your words. And the way you expressed your thoughts is incredible. Keep it up. Anyway, Im from Kapalong too. 😀 and i know your girlfriend, were neighbors before, but i dont think, she still remember me. Send my regards to her. Godbless us all. 🙂

  7. kuya! I did not expect to be in this blog of yours!..I was looking for some write ups about matigsalug tribe for our company newsletter, I happened to reach this site and find it amazing that you are the man behind it! keep it up!..

  8. HAHAHA! SIR I LIKE YOUR BLOG!!!! Kanina pa ako tawa ng tawa dito… (imbis na dapat nag-aaral) NADIDISTRACT AKO! zzz…. GG na ako sa exam! HAHA!

  9. Musta Tiz long time no see ah.. hehehe.. kuyawa na nimo do oi di naman ka ma reach sikat naman diay ka.. hehehe.. yaw nya ko kalimti ha?.. bitaw do good luck sa imo career wish you more success in life… god bless… I’m Proud of you old friend..

    • kuyaw ka diha. mas kuyaw ka ui. angelito na ra ba ka. di jud tika makalimtan bai. tungod sa imo daghan ko natun-an na mga binuang. hahahaha… old friend ka diha? di na diay ta amigo. wala lang tay kita2. busy naman pud ka sa imong career. sail on bai.

      • Aw migo oi ngano gung dli… hehehe.. mao jud busy njud kaau samot naka kay daghan na kaau kag fans… hehehe.. tingala man ug sako ka naka toon ug kabuang baliktad noon ako nooy daghan na ton.an sa imo mga kaubang ikaw biya ako master sa kabuang sukad nga naabot ko dra davao gikan samo bukid. enosente pa biya kaau ko pag abot dra sa davao… ikaw moy nag todlo sako hahahahaha…. asa na kaha to karon gi butang sa ginoo tong nag daug2 sa imo tong high school nga si marco.. hahahaha…

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