Legal Ethics in 300 Words: Introduction

A lawyer never gets rich, my law professor told me, if he practices law strictly according to the ethics of the legal profession as embodied in the Code of Professional Responsibility (CPR). That statement is not without implications. That implies that a rich lawyer is necessarily unethical. That also implies that the CPR is meant … Continue reading

Due Process in the Garden of Eden

Human rights are recognized here and elsewhere in the world. These human rights include the right to life, liberty, and property. In these modern times, there are various safeguards against the arbitrary and whimsical deprivation of these rights. In our Constitution, for example, Sec. 1, Art. III provides, “No person shall be deprived of life, … Continue reading

How I misspelled “case”?

During our Prelim Exam in Intellectual Property Law, I misspelled a word so simple even a Kindergarten pupil can spell it. A question was asked whether or not Joe Sison, Jr.’s infringement case would prosper. Then I wrote, “Joe Sison, Jr.’s cas will not prosper.” I admit. I won’t even try to rationalize how I did … Continue reading

Help Mindanao, US Embassy official urged law students

“Stop kidding around,” intoned Atty. Neil Y. Pacamalan, Cultural Affairs Specialist for Mindanao, Public Affairs Section, of U.S. Embassy. “This is not for the US Embassy, but for Mindanawons.” Atty. Pacamalan was referring to the two-day Basic Orientation Seminar (BOS) on Legal Aid, which was organized by the U.S. Embassy, Manila and the Mindanao Youth Volunteer … Continue reading

Beyond the Bar Exam

Almost everything we do in law school is for the Bar Exam. In a little while, however, a group of law students from the University of Mindanao College of Law will gather for a seminar on the establishment of a Legal Aid Office. A Legal Aid Office, usually run by graduating law students who are … Continue reading

Read, Think, then Answer

During our second exam in Criminal Law 2, a question is asked: The Municipality allocated 2 million for the concreting of road in Brgy. Tagakpan. X, a municipal treasurer, authorized the release of 1 million for the purchase of fire truck. Besides, the ordinance for the purchase of fire truck was submitted to the Mayor … Continue reading

The Criminals’ Right

All humans have basic rights. Criminals are humans. Therefore, criminals have basic rights. This syllogism, although to my mind is valid, is for some hard to accept,  or is simply unacceptable. For how can someone possess a right and yet trample upon another’s right? How can someone’s constitutional right to due process be protected when … Continue reading