Published Articles

in Philippine Daily Inquirer:

Why teach? 06/03/08
Pangalangan’s perceptive column 08/19/08
Risks present in going organic 11/17/08

‘Angry swelling waters’ 9/16/08

‘For our own safety’s sake’ 04/04/09

How do I thank thee 09/06/09

Brick by Brick 01/15/13

in Mindanao Times:

Imitation 07/06/08
Lust for public office 07/29/08
Philippines, trapped in ‘political gray zone’ 08/12/08
State of (Another) Nation Address 08/23/08
The pursuit of nostalgic goals 08/31/08
Hon. Rodrigo R. Duterte 09/23/08
Clemency, popularity and GMA presidency 10/18/08
Climate Change: Barking up the wrong tree 11/23/08

Nothing’s changed 12/21/08

CARP’s emasculation: A subtle corruption 01/29/09

Sex in the city 03/08/09

Do the youth still need parental guidance? 5/10/09

What do we stand for? 5/24/09

Back on the fringe, again 06/02/09

Rising above ourselves 08/07/09

Mr. Zombie 09/06/09

Fighting the 21st century slavery 10/06/09

Attention, students: Don’t study on weekends 01/14/10

in Dagmay (The Literary Journal of the Davao Writers Guild)

Rising Above Ourselves 8/16/09

149 Minutes 06/13/10

Remembrance of the workshop past 7/11/10

Davao Belongs to Us All 04/15/12

in ABS-CBN News Online

Time to ask what we stand for 5/12/09


7 thoughts on “Published Articles

  1. Arvin,

    You held me captivated with your work. I’m so impressed of your write-ups, your substantial comments and your own website of expressions!!! Keep it up, have faith and always be humble. A young writer like you have a long way to go.

    I believe that you are meant for the College of Law. My instinct tells me. You have my eyes set on you, young man and I will always monitor your footsteps. As what I’ve shared to my husband who is working in the National Bureau of Investigation’s Office, “Arvin Antonio Ortiz is a simple guy who has high hopes and can always be a perennial asset to society.” Kodus. MWOAH. MWOAH. MWOAH!! hehehe….

    • Wow! Thanks for lavishing me with so much praise, Ate Ana. I don’t know if I deserve it. But thank you nonetheless.

  2. wow gang!!! i’m impressed with your articles here.. :)) amazing!!! brilliant ideas… and justifiable commentaries.. :)) you’re exceptional gang… Writing is really your forte! Keep it up!! I’m proud of you :))

    • thanks coor… perfect 60 na jud ko sa rating ana? hehehe… Suma pa sa ako tagline na gihiram kay Conrado de Quiros, it is “A one man’s attempt at examining ourselves and the reality around us.”

  3. You were just one of the many scholars of HCDC back then kuya and i’ve heard a lot about you, especially in regards your academic performance. As a youngster, ofcourse, i looked up to you and in fact i envied your confidence particularly in expressing yourself with confidence. I am impressed and inspired with where your at right now but most especially of how your little things encourage people like me to excel. I am a very introvert type of person and my confidence is wavering at times. But really, after seeing this, hey, maybe i can also do it.

    Continue to do what you are doing kuya, you are inspiring young people like me. It’s good to see that you put your heart in what you are doing.

    Kudos and God bless!

    • Hi Claudine,

      I’m glad to hear a well-meaning and heartfelt comment from you. I’m happy that this publicly private endeavor of mine inspired you. Of course, you too can excel. Just don’t be so hard on yourself. Be natural. Excel because you want to, not because other people want you to. Excel because it pleases you, not because it pleases others. Ayaw nang constipated na excellence. God bless pud sa imong mga plans and decisions. Thank you again for taking the time to visit and read this blog.

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